Meeting This Week: July 16 6:30 PM - (Eastern)

The SouthernFried DNN User Group Meeting is almost here! Make sure you join us for all the fun / info on July 16 at 6:30 PM!

Simple DNN Two Factor Authentication

This month Mitchel Sellers of Iowa Computer Gurus will join us to speak on Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in DNN. Mitchel and his company just released a commercial product for this very purpose. Whether you are interested in the commercial offering or not, this meetup will be sure to offer some great insight on the subject.

July 16 SoFri Meeting Info

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SoFri February Meeting, DNN Packager Presentation

SoFri February Meeting, DNN Packager Presentation

Developers will often have fantastic ideas for new DNN extensions, but setting up a project in Visual Studio that allows them to be productive can be a dark, long and winding road. One must step very carefully to avoid MSBuild errors, missing target's files, and the popular "where is my ZIP file?".

For the uninitiated developer, it can lead to a dampened spirit, and for a truly feeble developer, a desire to give up and try out some other CMS instead.

Even for veteran developers, solutions based on DNN can often contain hundreds of modules, and there is a need to be as DRY as possible in everything you do. Long winded, repetitive setup tasks that involve manual steps are to be avoided at all costs.

In this session, Darrell Tunnell introduces an open source solution to this issue, called "DnnPackager" and shows just how easy it is to get up and running productively in Visual Studio.


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