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October Meeting Recap

Thanks to all for making a great DotNetNuke community event last night. We had many new attendees online through GoToMeeting and afterward finished the nite at a bar & grill for drinks and after-party discussions!

Intro, Sponsors TEKSystems

Meeting at the Microsoft Charlotte campus is always fun, our sponors for much of the year to date and for last night's meeting was TEK Systems. Samantha from the .NET staffing and resources team talked about what's hot in job and project requests, what's scarce in skillsets out there... As a side note, at my company, we're using TEK Systems to help find our new developers to add to the team. Ask me about it any time, I'll be glad to share with you how great that relationship is and how well it works for us when we are growing!

New QCDUG Website, Logo

We're working on a new version of the QCDUG website... plenty to work on as we refurbish. We mentioned that we reviwed and chose Live Blogs as the new core content module for the site and along with that selected the skin PORTO because of how well integrated they are together. We've been thrilled with the robust functionality and well thought-out integration points. By the time this blog post is out, we'll be in the new system... and that was a great segue to introducing our guest for the evening...

Mandeep Singh Joined Us has long been synonymous with solid, supremely useful DNN Modules. For me, modules like Live Content, Live Tabs are in my "MUST HAVE" DNN Toolbox.

Mandeep spent the hour with us recounting how and when he got involved with DotNetNuke development more than 10 years ago.

For me, one of the nuggets of information I learned, was that the fantastic new Skin offerings of Porto and Dixit were partnerships with well established themes/skins that have been brought to the DNN sphere by the Mandeeps team.

A fun, informal chat, points ranged from history and plans for the Live family of modules, new Skin offerings, and an unofficial announcement of upcoming new modules that will mean big things for DNN and the bundle of essentials that you can get when you combine Live modules together.  Thank you Mandeep!

  • Visit to learn about the fantastic DNN utility & content modules
  • Visit to learn about the new DNN Skin offerings, Porto and Dixit (instantly top selling skins after release)

We're Going to DNN Con in November

We wrapped up the meeting by talking about this year's DNN Con 2014, November 7 and 8 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Many of the QCDUG members are driving or flying down, some of us as early as Wed so that the party starts early! We discussed the scheulde of sessions that's been announced and picked favorites to check out.

Next Month's Meeting, Thursday November 20th

Next month we will have a recap of the DNN Con event... we'll try to bring back extra swag for any of the members that weren't able to make it down to Florida. Will Strohl will be our guest and we'll be talking DNN Database actions for performance, queries to fix things... a good geeky database conversation for any that want to do more with DNN directly in the db.

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