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June 2023 SoFri: FOLLOW-UP to GA4 + DNN Connect 2023 RECAP


David Poindexter (FOLLOW-UP to GA4 + DNN Connect 2023 RECAP)


In this Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting:

Speaker: David Poindexter
Topic: FOLLOW-UP to GA4 + DNN Connect 2023 RECAP

The June 2023 Southern Fried DNN Meetup discussed changes in the meeting schedule and focused on Google Analytics 4 integration in DNN. They also highlighted DNN 9.12.0 release candidate and improvements to Google Analytics connectors.


Community Topics and Updates

  • The meetup's time and day were adjusted for logistical reasons, seeking input from attendees to find a suitable time slot.
  • The discussion emphasized transitioning to Google Analytics 4 due to the impending data collection halt for Universal Analytics starting from July 1, 2023.
  • A new Google Analytics 4 connector was introduced in DNN 9.12.0, allowing users to directly integrate Google Analytics 4 with their DNN websites.
  • The meetup acknowledged and fixed a bug related to tracking administrators in Google Analytics connectors.
  • The old Google Analytics connector is planned to be deprecated and eventually removed from the platform.
  • Attendees suggested labeling the old connector as "legacy" to avoid confusion.
  • Announcements included a fix for a CKEditor bug and improvements in user profile display in the Persona bar.
  • The meetup encouraged attendees to ask questions or provide feedback regarding the new Google Analytics 4 connector and DNN 9.12.0 release.
  • 🔌 The connector icon's position was fixed.
  • 🖼️ The profile picture and user list had a similar issue.
  • 🏠 Community updates include quick access links and enhancements to forms.
  • 📝 New issue templates on GitHub encourage better reporting with fields like relevant log output and relevant version selection.
  • 💰 Developers can indicate if they're willing to sponsor or contribute to enhancements.
  • 📦 A new DNN input element is in development, offering various input types, label sliding, validation, and customization options.
  • 🎨 Developers can control styling, including colors, rounding, and text alignment per component.
  • 👍 Community members are encouraged to explore and test the enhancements and updates. 👍 Positive Community Vibes 🤝 Collaborative Session 📊 Few Issues in DNN 🗣️ Good Interactions 🌍 International Attendees 🍽️ Memorable Dinner Experiences 🚌 Bus Adventure to Event
  • 😊 The speaker discussed a recent event in a cool and picturesque location.
  • 📸 Photos and videos from the event are available on a OneDrive account.
  • 🎮 Attendees had a good time with each other, playing games and hanging out.
  • 📊 Recommendations for transitioning to Google Analytics 4: Set up conversions, start audiences, and explore new event tracking features.
  • ⏰ Google is sticking to the July 1st deadline for the Universal Analytics to GA4 transition.
  • 💻 Consider syncing queries between Universal Analytics and GA4, but generally, it's recommended to start fresh.
  • 🕒 The meetup schedule might change to accommodate different time zones.
  • 🤝 Co-coding sessions on Discord are available for collaborative coding and help.
  • 📆 Plans for the next month's meetup are not finalized, and suggestions for topics or presentations are welcome.

Watch the Southern Fried DNN User Group MONTH YEAR Meeting:

Original June 2023 Google G4 Instructions Presentation

This SoFri July 2023 Meeting's G4 Recap & Meeeting


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